We need your help!

Mobilization in response to COVID-19:

– Volunteer
– Donate supplies
– Donate money

NOTE: This website is updated regularly to reflect immediate needs and priorities for the Indigenous community.

NOTE: Please do not donate other miscellaneous clothing/goods other than what’s written on this page because shelters don’t have enough time nor staff to sort through them. Thank you for your support and understanding.

Resilience Montreal

4000 Sainte-Catherine West, Westmount, Quebec
Mon – Sat – 7:30 and 4pm
Note: Indoor centre is now closed but services are being offered in Cabot Square (serving food, toilets, coffee, blankets)

Large portions of prepared chili

Coats, blankets, sleeping bags (and anything else: footwear, jeans, hoodies, underwear, socks)

You can send an email to if you want to volunteerbetween 7:30 and 4pm in the kitchen, with serving duties outdoors or cleaning

Large insulated coffee carafes & long outdoor extension cords

Open Door

3535 Ave Du Parc, Montreal, Quebec
Monday to Saturday between 7:30 am and 2 pm

Coats, footwear, socks, hoodies, underwear, jeans

Send an email to if you want to volunteer in the kitchen and/or with cleaning duties between 7:30am and 2pm.

Monetary Donations

Monetary donations are extremely valuable to maintain the services that provide community support.

Today, The Open Door requires immediate assistance: please donate to donate to the Open Door now.

Why Is this Important ?

As you continue to take precautions in protecting your families and homes from the threat of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) it is important to recognize that this health pandemic does not affect all Montrealers equally. Among the most at-risk are low-income, homeless, and marginalized communities. As such it is imperative that the food banks, emergency shelters, and other services essential for these communities stay in operation and offer the basic services that other Montrealers have access to at home: eating, drinking, sleeping, washing hands and bodies, self-isolating/protection, changing clothing, cleaning surfaces continuously, and more.