Looking back on 2021


From Introspection to action!

In the last year, the NETWORK tackled foundational aspects of the organization with the mentorship and guidance of our new Executive Director, Linda Tremblay. Several organizational changes have been made to improve, strengthen and solidify the NETWORK’s role as an umbrella organization at the heart of the community.

The NETWORK deemed it necessary to complete its process of rebirth by undergoing an organizational rebrand  with the objective of illustrating our role to our partners and the general public. The present Annual Report will give the reader a sneak peek of this new branding that will be launched in the fall! 

Finally, in accordance with our new slogan – Listen, Connect, Support – the NETWORK team focused on gathering those who directly serve community members, on alleviating the burden placed on the Indigenous community sector, on transfering knowledge to the general public through advocacy and on empowering Indigenous leadership.

Financial Transparency 

The NETWORK also shares with the community relevant information on funding, budgets and spendings. You will find below the main financial reports for the year 2021-2022: