Indigenous Ally Toolkit

The Indigenous Ally Toolkit is a resource created by The NETWORK in order to equip individuals with beginner tools and information to start practicing good allyship to Indigenous people.

We can help!

The NETWORK can cover the initial five (5) sessions of Mental Health Support Services such as :

Elder support

Cultural and spiritual support from an Indigenous elder, and this is ideal for those who wish to access healing support through Indigenous ways.


Also referred to as talk therapy, this is ideal for those who prefer to talk to a professional psychologist, psychotherapist or counsellor that can guide them through difficult experiences and provide the proper tools to deal with a wide range of emotional events. 

creative arts therapy

Drama, music, dance/movement and/or visual art therapies is ideal for those who find healing in practicing arts. Be accompanied by a trained professional to express your feelings through art and develop new artistic tools to decompress in your everyday life.

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