Data Sovereignty Project Coordinator

Type: Full time (35 hours/week); renewable annually
Deadline: April 4, 2022
Salary: $28 to $30/hr depending on demonstrated skills and HR policies
Benefits: Six percent (6%) vacation, personal and wellness days, winter break, and
more; Group insurance plan (health, dental, life, and more); Group RRSP plan (employer-matched).

Do you have solid research experience? Are you capable, rigorous and detail-oriented? The Montreal Indigenous Community NETWORK is recruiting a Project Coordinator to develop an Indigenous data sovereignty process for the Smart Cities project. The successful candidate will report to management and work closely with the NETWORK’s research team.

Job description:

Over a five-year period, the project coordinator will be responsible for community consultations on ethical data management practices, development of community protocols on Indigenous data management, recruitment and facilitation of an advisory group to oversee the work, conducting research on best practices in Indigenous data sovereignty, identifying and mapping existing Indigenous data sets in Montreal, developing stewardship circles to manage sensitive and
restricted data, and developing agreements with organizations and individuals regarding the use of Indigenous data.

Key responsibilities:

  1. Create systems that recognize that Indigenous people are in the best position to determine how and when data should be collected from their communities, and how it should be shared and managed, while maintaining Indigenous ownership of the data.
  2. Foster alliances with non-Indigenous individuals, groups and institutions that are educated about their roles and responsibilities with respect to Indigenous data, so that data collection and sharing is culturally appropriate and prioritizes the interests of Indigenous people.
  3. Strengthen links between those involved in the collection and use of Indigenous data in Montreal to improve sharing among Indigenous organizations and leaders.
  4.  Correct power imbalances and position Indigenous people as experts and governors of Indigenous data and information.
  5. Establish mechanisms to facilitate information sharing among Indigenous peoples so that they can improve their decisions and policies and coordinate their efforts.
  6. Promote ethical data collection, management and application, rooted in respect and reciprocity.
  7. Recognize the damage caused by non-Indigenous-led data management processes and create healthier, more transparent, and more accountable data management structures that benefit Indigenous people.
  8. Empower Indigenous people to determine the narrative of their realities, identify their own problems, and develop their own solutions.

Professional skills:

  • Possess a graduate degree in a relevant discipline;
  • Demonstrated experience in a similar position;
  • Experience or familiarity with different types of research (quantitative, qualitative, creative research), including some experience in conducting literature reviews or best practice guidelines;
  • Excellent knowledge of ethical principles guiding Indigenous research (O.C.A.P., ITK principles for research sovereignty);
  • Experience coordinating consultations and facilitating discussions about community priorities;
  • Ability to collaborate and negotiate with different Indigenous and non-Indigenous partners and organizations;

Personal skills:

  • Possess an understanding of the historical and contemporary context of unethical research practices imposed on Indigenous communities;
  • Demonstrate an interest in learning research methodologies, research protocol
    development, and data sovereignty practises;
  • Fluency in at least two languages is a requirement for this position will be strongly preferred;
  • Dynamic and self-motivated, enjoy teamwork, have a good work ethic;
  • Openness to collaborative management;
  • Possess community spirit and a commitment to decolonization;
  • Knowledge and sensitivity to the realities of Inuit, Métis and First Nations communities in the Greater Montreal area.

How to apply

Please send your cover letter and resume before April 4 to

Given the mission and nature of the activities of the Montreal Indigenous Community NETWORK, First Nations, Inuit and Métis candidates will be given priority. Candidates who feel they are overqualified for this position are encouraged to apply. The NETWORK is a fast-moving organization.