NETWORK Board of Directors

The NETWORK has 1 vacant seat to be filled for our Board of Directors.

We are looking for the ideal candidate that would have following qualities : 

1. Proven experience or keen interest in the nonprofit sector and the Indigenous community sector.
2. Commitment towards social justice and decolonization.
3. Ability to work within a collaborative team setting.
4. Leadership skills and willingness to learn new skills.
5. Must be Indigenous.

If that sounds like you, please consult our Board FAQ sheet to learn more about the positions, and apply.  

Before coming to the AGM

To insure that everyone comes at the AGM with all the required information, we invite you to consult the NETWORK By-laws. 

Full members will be able to cast their vote for the Board of Directors.

You might also want to consult the NETWORK’s last AGM 2020 Minutes, as to be reminded of the key points that were brought forth.

Member Eligibility: Any Indigenous or non-Indigenous individual, non-profit organization, governmental body, company, or other group in the greater Montreal area!

For immediate questions, contact us at