We're looking for volunteers to join our team!

At the NETWORK, we  identified that non-indigenous people wanted to get involved in building better relationship with indigenous communities, but did not know how and where to start. We want to offer opportunities for settlers to volunteer with us as one first step towards (re) concili- Action. If you desire to volunteer with us, please read the volunteer category description and fill the form below . Thank you for your time and consideration.


Are you Franglais ? Mister Legault apprecierait pas the fact that some of our employées ne sont pas bilingual, so we will need your help pour faire traduction in important meetings, écrire documents and just translation in générale. 


Are you a Virgo that is mega efficient at managing your own life and time that you are bugged out by others lack of organizing? Some of our staff would benefit from your organizational skills to help us make the most out of our time, schedules, and meetings.


Did you realize capitalism needs to end but we still need to live in it for the moment? We have many needs in terms of helping with management of finances, budget, and accounting. 


Are you the kind of person who enjoys getting everyone together, sharing great food, and having a good time? We need your expertise in event organisation and help us make sure our events run smoothly. Also, we need volunteers to help setting up and/or taking down the space, welcoming people, etc. 


Do you like to keep everyone up to date on the exciting things happening in your life? Great! We need your help in informing our members on what’s going on with the NETWORK on our social media platforms and would love to have someone with your skills to update our Facebook and Twitter pages regularly. Also, if you are a gossip genius, we could use your help in developing better communication strategies. 


Is your sense of justice a central guiding principle in your life? We would really appreciate being assisted by lawyers or people that have experience with charities, Non-profit, and crediting policies. 

Are you passionate about creating or sustaining new projects that answer to the needs of people ? We have many projects going on at the same time that could use some extra care.