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Community announcements serve 3 purposes:

1- They allow Indigenous peoples in Tiohtià:ke/Greater Montreal Area to find information, events and services that correspond to their needs and aspirations.

2- They allow Indigenous organizations and groups, as well as organizations that serve Indigenous populations in Tiohtià:ke/Greater Montreal area to have more visibility with groups and audiences that they wish to reach.

3- They allow non-Indigenous people to find ways to act in direct support of the Indigenous community in Tiohtià:ke/Greater Montreal Region.


Who can make an announcement:
  • Organizations of the Indigenous sector in Tiohtià:ke and surrounding areas. The Indigenous sector is made up of Indigenous organizations* and Indigenous serving organizations**.
  • Organizations outside of the Indigenous sector who would like to announce an opportunity that directly concerns Indigenous peoples in Tiohtià:ke and surrounding areas.



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If you wish to translate your announcement yourself, a link will be sent to you in the confirmation email following submission of this form.You can also send us your English ad immediately by copying/pasting the following url in your search bar:





  • The organization was founded by an Indigenous person or group
  • The organization is led by Indigenous people; more than 50% of the decision makers must be Indigenous (Board of Directors, Steering Committee, Director or other decision-making positions)
  • The organization is made up of Indigenous people, with a minimum of 50% of its employees being Indigenous (this criterion does not apply to organizations with fewer than five employees)
  • More than 50% of the organization’s members and beneficiaries are Indigenous.



An organization that has 30% or more of its clientele from Indigenous communities and has a program that specifically and directly serves Indigenous people.