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Mental Health Support

Prioritizing wellness, for oneself and for the community

The NETWORK provides access to psychological support services to front-line workers from Indigenous* and Indigenous-serving** organizations in Tiohtià:ke/Montreal. 

 Initiated at the beginning of the pandemic, which strongly affected frontline workers in Tiohtià:ke/Montreal, the NETWORK’s psychological support service is still offered in order to prevent burnout among those who serve the urban Indigenous communities.   



The NETWORK can cover the first five therapy sessions, with possibility of extension.

The types of support offered are:


Elder Support: 

Cultural and spiritual support for Indigenous individuals seeking community based healing.


Also called “talk therapy,” this type of therapy is ideal for people who prefer to talk to a psychologist or psychotherapist to get through any difficult times.

Creative Arts Therapy :

Therapy through drama, music, dance, movement or visual arts is ideal for people who find healing through the arts. Accompaniment with trained professionals will help you to express your emotions through art and develop new techniques to decompress.

How it works?

  • 1


    Begin by filling out the Mental Heath Support Request Form below, clearly indicating your contact information, employment, availability and support preferences.  


    Mental Heath Support Request Form

  • 2

    Matching you with a therapist

    Once we receive your form, we will be able to get in touch and match you with the resources that best suit your needs. You can also suggest your own psychological support resources with the NETWORK so that we can contact them. 

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    The NETWORK handles the payment directly with the provider. You don’t have to worry about the transaction.


This service is available to people who work directly with Indigenous peoples. Whether you are Indigenous or non-Indigenous, you are eligible if you are a front-line employee working for an Indigenous organization* or for an organization that specifically serves Indigenous communities in Tiohtià:ke/Montreal**.


Want to find out if you or your organization can benefit from this program? Send us an email at mentalhealth@reseaumtlnetwork.com.


We are looking for Elders, psychologists, psychotherapists and creative arts therapists!

We are looking for therapists who would like to welcome new clients. By providing us with a void cheque and an invoice for each of your sessions, we have everything needed to make a payment. 




If you would like to be added to the list of recommended therapists for frontline workers, please send an email to: mentalhealth@reseaumtlnetwork.com




The NETWORK defines an “Indigenous Organization” as an organization that meets the following criteria 

  • the organization was founded by an Indigenous person or group
  • the organization is led by Indigenous people; more than 50% of the decision makers must be Indigenous (Board of Directors, Steering Committee, Director or other decision-making positions)
  • the organization is made up of Indigenous people, with a minimum of 50% of its employees being Indigenous (this criterion does not apply to organizations with fewer than five employees)
  • more than 50% of the organization’s members and beneficiaries are Indigenous. 



The NETWORK defines an “Indigenous-serving organization” as an organization that has 30% or more of its clientele from Indigenous communities and has a program that specifically and directly serves Indigenous people.

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