2022-2023 Reports

06 September 2023
Official documents and reports

New developments at the NETWORK and in the community!

The year 2022-2023 brings a number of new developments for our team, our partners and the community. Two new resources for people experiencing homelessness open their doors, reinforced partnerships give shape to the new mobile clinics, and collaborations with organizations in the sector propel numerous new projects dedicated to empowering Indigenous youth.

In terms of research, the STRATEGY for Safety, Well-being and Belonging is progressing towards implementation of the recommendations, and the third edition of the Homelessness Report is in production.  

The launch of our new website now supports Indigenous organizations in the dissemination of their messages and allows the community to stay informed about the opportunities available to them. The new website also enables us to collect online donations and develop our philanthropic relationships.

Finally, our awareness-building workshops, as well as the Decolonial Toolbox, help us reach new audiences and carry out our mission of transmitting knowledge on a wider scale.

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Financial Transparency 

The NETWORK shares with the community relevant information on funding, budgets and spending. You will find below the main financial reports for the year 2022-2023:

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